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  • Christian Resource
    A Day Set Apart - Celebrating the Sabbath Preschool-Grade 6 New!!
    A unique hardcover picture book for Sabbath-keeping Christians: Unlike other children's books currently available about the Sabbath, this one includes examples of Jesus and his disciples' sabbath-keeping. At the end of the week, a family takes a break...

  • Adventist Resource
    Adventist Family Traditions to Bless Your Heart and Home Kindergarten-Lifelong New!!
    Adventist family traditions are unique and special. This collection of family traditions shares customs from around the world. Some may seem very familiar, and others may be completely new. Each one comes from a warm memory of family togetherness. This book...

  • Christian Resource
    Amazing Science Devotions for Children's Ministry Kindergarten-Grade 6 New!!
    Science lessons used to reveal the wonders of God. Use everyday observations like popping corn and rainbows to connect kids with God's wonderful world. These lessons can be used anywhere to give kids' faith a boost and help them learn about God!

  • Christian Resource
    Beautiful Outlaw Grade 9-Lifelong New!!
    "Breaking Jesus out of the typical stereotypes, BEAUTIFUL OUTLAW welcomes readers into the rich emotional life of Christ showing how they can experience the actual personality of Jesus in their daily lives in ways that will deepen their faith."

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Seventh-day Adventist Educators Blog

Uma escola segundo a vontade de Deus (parte 2)

Posted on Wednesday September 12, 2018

Na primeira parte da série de dois artigos, foram apontadas duas características de uma escola segundo a vontade de Deus: (1) Uma educação tão alta como o Céu e (2) Natureza como ciência. Veja mais três características de uma escola que cumpre a missão de Deus: Buscar sabedoria na fonte – Referencial pedagógico “Na presença … Continued

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School for Life

Posted on Monday September 10, 2018

“My daughter felt accepted” a father said to me during this year’s graduation ceremony with 83 successful graduates, and I was moved. Anna Maria (name changed) came to us only for the Secondary Level II, frustrated by the lack of interest in her as a person at her former school. Marienhöhe became a school for … Continued

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Customer Service—What’s your Brand?

Posted on Thursday September 06, 2018

“Be Kindly Affectioned one to another with brotherly love, in honor preferring one another”. Romans 12:10 The Bible puts customer service and the customer experience squarely at the top of the list of all Christian quality traits. Customer service occurs when you are kindly disposed in actionable service toward another person, with with love and care. … Continued

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Uma escola segundo a vontade de Deus (parte 1)

Posted on Wednesday September 05, 2018

A escola existe para orientar e proporcionar ao individuo possibilidades e caminhos de aprendizado. É ali onde a família deposita sua confiança, esperando que a gestão e filosofia da instituição que escolheram oriente devidamente o bem mais precioso de suas vidas. A vida de uma criança é muito importante e a responsabilidade de orientar vai … Continued

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