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    Net 95 Follow up Survey of Participating Churches Tertiary-Lifelong New!!
    This paper reports the NET '95 Initiative representing a major new thrust in soul winning for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. Telephone interviews were conducted.

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    1997-98 Local Church Usage and Evaluation of ACN Tertiary-Lifelong New!!
    In 1994, the Adventist Church in North America created a satellite network, the Adventist Communications Network, to link its congregations.This report is based on 364 telephone interviews in 1998.

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    COVID-19 Resources for Teachers - Online Instruction Preschool-Grade 12 New!!
    Provided by the North American Division Office of Education and organized by subject and grade, these resources will help as you transition to distance education. Also included are resources on learning how to teach online, a list of educational companies...

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    Giving Practices and Attitudes Tertiary-Lifelong New!!
    This study is focused on giving practices and attitudes in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. Its purpose was to identify some of the key attitudes that motivate tithing and other giving practices, especially as they relate to denominational...

Adventist Learning Community Resources

Teaching Online in K-12

Study modes of online delivery, how to deliver a quality experience, and how to design content, assessment, and human interaction. 1.0 CEU 

Spirit of Prophecy

Give a biblical basis for confidence in Ellen White's writings, better understand inspiration, be equipped to provide answers to objections to White's prophetic ministry, understand her cultural milieu, and become a better-informed agent to pass on that understanding. 2.0 CEU

Technology for 21st Century Learning

Explore proposals for the development of 21st century skills and how web based technologies can be utilized to help engage today's learners while preparing them for a future characterized by change. 2.4 CEU

Coaching Distinctively Adventist Sports

Learn principles to help coaches and school leaders establish and clarify the mission and purpose for their interschool sports program, and equip them to put those values into practice with their teams. 2.0 CEU

Seventh-day Adventist Educators Blog

Organizing for Improved Student Satisfaction

Posted on Thursday May 21, 2020

A. A. Milne described organizing as “what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” Pragmatic and indispensable words for improving student satisfaction in higher education. Whether it be a single PhD student in a research laboratory or several hundred students in a lecture hall, … Continued

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Avaliação como ferramenta de apoio

Posted on Wednesday May 20, 2020

Que a avaliação é elemento essencial para o ensino não há o que se discutir. A grande questão é a maneira como ela vem sendo utilizada por muitos professores. Com frequência se ouve frases como: “Essa turma está muito indisciplinada, vou aplicar uma avaliação bem difícil”. A avaliação deve ser usada como instrumento de incentivo … Continued

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Dialogue Volume 31, Number 3

Posted on Monday May 18, 2020

Designed for Seventh-day Adventist university students and young professionals, College and University Dialogue is published by the Committee on Adventist Ministry to College and University Students (AMiCUS) in cooperation with the 13 world divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and in partnership with Public Campus Ministries (PCM). Volume 31, Number 3 (2019) is now available … Continued

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In Adventist News: April 2020

Posted on Thursday April 30, 2020

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading! Would You Be Missed? by Nancy Hansen and Donna Hall Would anyone in the community miss your school if it closed tomorrow? Read how this Michigan school is impacting their community while providing true education for … Continued

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