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  • Adventist Resource
    Adventist Virtual Library - IAD Tertiary-Lifelong New!!
    The AVL was created to facilitate access to academic databases for all Seventh-day Adventist educational institutions that are part of the Inter-American Division.

  • Christian Resource
    Think Biblically! Recovering a Christian Worldview Tertiary-Lifelong New!!
    The authors provide models for cultivating a biblical mind-set on worship, psychology, gender, science, education, history, government, economics, and literature. This book will prove to be helpful to anyone striving to Think Biblically! in today's culture....

  • Adventist Resource
    Twice Yours - A Parable of God's Gift - Daily Lesson Guide and Trade Book Grade 2 New!!
    NAD Pathways Grade 2 selection for Theme 4: Walking with God. Even young children can begin to understand the meaning of the Cross with this parable of God's gift to mankind.

  • Adventist Resource
    3ABN Kindergarten-Lifelong New!!
    Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church, is a 24-hour Christian Television and Radio Network commissioned to reach the world with the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. Radio and TV programming available...

Adventist Learning Community Resources

Introduction to Adventist Robotics

Discover the realm of Robotics and the need for STEM education while learning how to start a program at your school. 0.5 CEU

Spirit of Prophecy

Gain a biblical basis for confidence in Ellen White's writings, better understand inspiration, be equipped to provide answers to objections to White's prophetic ministry, understand her cultural milieu and become a better-informed agent to pass on that understanding. 2.0 CEU

Technology for 21st Century Learning

Explore proposals for the development of 21st century skills and how web based technologies can be utilized to help engage today's learners while preparing them for a future characterized by change. 2.4 CEU

Coaching Distinctively Adventist Sports

Learn principles to help coaches and school leaders establish and clarify the mission and purpose for their interschool sports program, and equip them to put those values into practice with their teams. 2.0 CEU

Seventh-day Adventist Educators Blog

Take the Time to be Fair

Posted on Thursday November 21, 2019

There is no substitute for spending time with our children or students. You may read articles that speak about “quality time.” It is important that we give our children or students our full attention. But do not think that playing the “full attention” game legitimizes less time. This was driven home to me when Claire … Continued

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Estratégias de aprendizagem

Posted on Wednesday November 20, 2019

Ana Carolina da Silva Toledo Moura A grande maioria dos alunos não utiliza estratégias eficazes na hora de estudar e, muitas vezes, essa é a razão de apresentarem baixos resultados. Segundo a Base Nacional Comum Curricular (BNCC), os estudantes devem ser educados para a autonomia, sendo assim, devem se tornar protagonistas de seu próprio desenvolvimento. … Continued

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Contemporary Reflections about Adventist Education

Posted on Monday November 18, 2019

Ideally, the Adventist philosophy of education drives practices and policies in Adventist education. We can reduce the gap between theory and practice by understanding the meaning of Adventist education and reevaluating its practice. Adventist education should be: Academically Competitive Education has a redemptive purpose, but we must not undermine the academic part of education. Adventist … Continued

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Redemptive Discipline in Schools

Posted on Thursday November 14, 2019

The ultimate purpose of Adventist Christian education is the restoration of human beings to the image of their maker through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. This is mainly achieved through redemptive discipline. The Christian teacher disciples and equips the learner to grow spiritually, academically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially. Definition of the term ‘Discipline’ The … Continued

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