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  • Adventist Resource
    COVID-19 Resources for Teachers - Online Instruction Preschool-Grade 12 New!!
    Provided by the North American Division Office of Education and organized by subject and grade, these resources will help as you transition to distance education. Also included are resources on learning how to teach online, a list of educational companies...

  • Adventist Resource
    I Can Read Series - Review and Herald Kindergarten-Grade 2 New!!
    Developed for the classroom and home school teaching, this series of early readers are all bilingual (English and Spanish). Topics include Bible stories, character development, and living things/animals. Each book features a vocabulary list, reading comprehension...

  • Christian Resource
    Internet Christian Library Grade 9-Lifelong New!!
    A guide to Christian resources on the internet such as Christian literature, Bible study aids, and Bible collections. This includes links to guides to early church history, commentaries on Bible prophets, and the works of writers such as Augustine, Thomas...

  • Adventist Resource
    NAD Early Childhood Education and Care 0-2 years-Kindergarten New!!
    Resources recommended by the NAD Office of Adventist Education specifically for parents and teachers of babies through early childhood.

Adventist Learning Community Resources

Teaching Online in K-12

Study modes of online delivery, how to deliver a quality experience, and how to design content, assessment, and human interaction. 1.0 CEU 

Spirit of Prophecy

Give a biblical basis for confidence in Ellen White's writings, better understand inspiration, be equipped to provide answers to objections to White's prophetic ministry, understand her cultural milieu, and become a better-informed agent to pass on that understanding. 2.0 CEU

Technology for 21st Century Learning

Explore proposals for the development of 21st century skills and how web based technologies can be utilized to help engage today's learners while preparing them for a future characterized by change. 2.4 CEU

Coaching Distinctively Adventist Sports

Learn principles to help coaches and school leaders establish and clarify the mission and purpose for their interschool sports program, and equip them to put those values into practice with their teams. 2.0 CEU

Seventh-day Adventist Educators Blog

Tips for Teaching the Biblical Concept of Tithing

Posted on Monday August 10, 2020

There is a story of a rich man who wanted to help a poor carpenter and his family. He hired him to build a house and went away on a long journey. The carpenter said, “My boss is away so I can use substandard materials and no one but me will know.” So he built … Continued

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Personalizing Your Continuing Education

Posted on Thursday August 06, 2020

Continuing education is very beneficial to teachers, but sometimes hard to plan for. One teacher shares her strategies for maximizing opportunities.

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O preconceito linguístico em sala de aula

Posted on Wednesday August 05, 2020

Umas das formas de melhorar os aspectos discriminatórios, chamados de preconceito linguístico, seria proporcionar ao aluno uma democratização da linguagem.

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The Essential Question and Higher Order Thinking

Posted on Monday August 03, 2020

Rapidly changing demands in the workplace have led to the need for a new kind of school graduate conversant with higher order thinking.

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