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links to web applications for holding discussions and posting user generated content

  • Edmodo - Social Learning Network for Teachers and Students Kindergarten-Tertiary
    Integrate technology in your classroom through Edmodo. Edmodo helps "teachers make their classroom a community. Edmodo provides teachers and students a secure place to connect and collaborate, share content and educational applications, and access homework, grades, class discussions, and notifications. Their goal is to help educators harness the power of social media to customize the classroom for each and every learner."

  • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Kindergarten-Grade 12
    Educational Technology and Mobile Learning seeks to help educators, teachers, curriculum designers, and students better integrate technology into education. We provide ideas, tips, tutorials and reviews of the best free internet and mobile tools.

  • Fakebook - Profile Wall Generator Grade 3-Grade 12
    Fakebook allows teachers and students to create imaginary profile pages for study purposes. Use Fakebook to chart the plot of a book, the development of a character, a series of historical events, the debates and relationships between people. A great online graphic organizer, students use Fakebook as a way to organize thoughts and information for projects and more!

  • Adventist Resource
    How to Use Twitter as Your Personal Learning Network Kindergarten-Tertiary
    Have you joined Twitter yet? Twitter is an excellent way to start building your Personal Learning Network (PLN). This 2012 presentation covers the basics of using Twitter as a component of your PLN, and shares some resources and tips for using it to maximize...

  • Adventist Resource
    Inspired Class Blog Kindergarten
    Educator Deborah Park shares ideas, activities, and learning tools through her Inspired Class Blog for teachers. Adaptable hands-on teaching ideas for subjects including art, Bible, language arts, history, science, spelling, and technology for grade 6 are included.

  • Adventist Resource
    Integrating Collaborative Web 2.0 Tools into the Curriculum Preschool-Tertiary
    Our students must learn to communicate and collaborate using a variety of digital media and environments. Group collaboration in the classroom can become Web 2.0 collaboration using appropriate tools. Many Web 2.0 links will be available online to view later....

  • Kid Blog Kindergarten-Grade 12
    "Kidblog is designed for K-12 teachers who want to provide each student with an individual blog. Students publish posts and participate in academic discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs and user accounts. Use Kidblog to create classroom discussions, learn digital citizenship, practice writing skills, create an e-portfolio, reflect on learning, and formatively assess writing. Free, with no student email addresses needed, and no ads."

  • Adventist Resource
    Lesson Learnt Grade 9-Lifelong
    I have a short devotional and prayer prior to each class that I teach. Typically I use a Bible text or other quote with a brief comment about what we can learn from it. When possible, I relate it directly to the lesson that I'm teaching that day so that I can make it as relevant as possible.

  • Christian Resource
    Mission Enablers: Christian and Private Schools Blog Kindergarten-Grade 12
    "The competition is intense (public schools, home schooling, cyber schools, other faith-based and private schools, and charter schools). Having superior academic performance is a given. Delivering that something extra is also required to establish uniqueness in the crowded market and create the value to justify the tuition. Our blog provides proven practical steps that will increase enrollment, student retention, and keep your school sustainable."

  • Christian Resource
    Mission Enablers: Nonprofit Boards and Leadership blog Kindergarten-Grade 12
    "How the board interacts with the staff, how it makes decisions, and what issues it focuses on are important to the sustainability of the organization. We provide short, simple, useful guidance that makes board governance easier and improves organizational sustainability."

  • Christian Resource
    Mission Enablers: Nonprofit Fundraising and Volunteer Management Blog Grade 1-Grade 12
    "Fundraising is the life-blood. Receiving a gift is helpful. The stronger the relationship with the donor the more helpful the gifts are. Strong relationships are what see us through the tough times. Organizations with strong relationships have found weathering the recent economic storm easier. This blog provides ideas for building and sustaining strong relationships."

  • Christian Resource
    Mission Enablers: Nonprofit Leadership blog Kindergarten-Grade 12
    "[Being mission centric] is how one serves clients and fulfills the mission. It is how one creates a competitive advantage and becomes distinguishable from others. It is what the donors pay for. In short, it is why every nonprofit exists."

  • Adventist Resource
    Social Networking - Social Media Goes to School Kindergarten-Grade 12
    This 2012 NAD Teacher Convention presentation helps educators with social media etiquette for students and guidelines for educators using social networking sites.

  • Adventist Resource
    Social Networking in the Classroom - Not in the Way That You Think Preschool-Grade 12
    A teaching principal describes how he has found social networking to be a useful professional development tool. His examples include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and personal blogging. Through these resources, he has found many useful ideas to try in his own classroom.

  • The Core Rules of Netiquette Grade 9-Lifelong
    This excellent reference on using the net which can be used to help educators and anyone else know how to be good cyberspace citizens.

  • Adventist Resource
    The Teacher Track on Facebook Kindergarten-Grade 8
    Want a quick idea for your classroom? Here you will find snapshots and great ideas from Adventist classrooms visited by Sandra Doran, Associate Superintendent of the Florida Conference. Be sure to 'like' the page if you want to receive the new ideas as they are posted. You’ll find all elementary grade levels included.

  • Topica: Email Newsletters and Marketing Campaigns Grade 9-Lifelong
    Topica helps customers use email marketing to grow and improve their businesses - with no software required. Their pay-as-you-go online application allows you to: Grow your list of subscribers with signup forms for your website; Create a professional eye-catching HTML newsletter and send it out to a targeted audience; and Deliver your emails.

  • Twiducate - Social Networking for Schools Kindergarten-Grade 12
    "Twiducate is the perfect solution for elementary and secondary students. Rather than having students sign up and enter an email address, teachers sign up and create a class code. Using this code, students log in to the class network. Here, they can answer questions, collaborate on problems, and even embed pictures and videos. Teachers have full control over the network."

  • Adventist Resource
    What Is an EdChat? Personal Learning Networks on Social Networks Preschool-Grade 12
    With materials from this 2018 NAD convention workshop, "learn how to create your own Personal/Professional Learning Network...stop teaching in isolation and find ways to reach out, to create mentoring relationships, and to improve your craft with new...