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resources for the study of the business, science and art of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock

  • 4-H Virtual Farm Preschool-Grade 12
    Visit this site to discover why farming is a part of your life even if you have never lived on a farm, never seen crops grow in the field, or never touched a cow. Virtually visit any one of several farms and see the wonders of farming such as a chick hatching.

  • Adventist Resource
    Adventist Agricultural Programs Tertiary-Lifelong
    Ellen G. White encouraged agriculture and industries to balance the academic aspect at Avondale College, which influenced a reform movement in Adventist education and influenced the establishment of new schools in rural areas.

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources Grade 7-Grade 12
    Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction provides information and resources about agriculture.

  • Agriculture in the Classroom Grade 3-Grade 8
    The USDA web site promotes agriculture in the classroom, with online resources for teachers (teacher talk, agricultural science lesson plans and projects, teacher talk and great weblinks), students (agricultural fun, animals, virtual field trips, etc.) and general helps (state weblinks, state summaries, AITC information) and more.

  • Adventist Resource
    Bringing Back the School Farm Preschool-Lifelong
    In this Teach article the author, Jillian Carter, describes the benefits of their school farm. The article includes information on how to start your own school farm area.

  • Adventist Resource
    Conveying Christian Values through the Teaching of Agriculture - a Biblical Approach Tertiary-Lifelong
    Ogutu looks at agriculture in the Bible, a Christian view of agriculture, the values to develop and how to achieve these values."

  • Farm Safety 4 Just Kids Kindergarten-Grade 12
    Farm Safety 4 Just Kids promotes a safe farm environment for kids. Find tips to prevent health hazards, injuries, and fatalities to children and youth. Provides links to other farm and agricultural safety sites and activities.

  • Floriculture - From Greenhouse Production to Floral Design Grade 9-Grade 12
    This is a secondary texbook for a greenhouse/foral design class. The first half of the book is devoted to the greenhouse industry and the production of floriculture crops. The second half shifts from production to the use of floriculture crops in the floral design industry.

  • Christian Resource
    Food for Everyone Grade 9-Lifelong
    Now Jacob Mittleider's vegetable gardening tips and techniques are available FREE at this site. The Mittleider 8 gardening books are loved by Adventist gardeners all around the world - and with good reason.

  • Gardening Crafts for Kids Kindergarten-Grade 8
    This book boasts "50 great reasons to get your hands dirty." Each project has detailed instructions and full color photos which make this book both interesting to read and easy to follow. With teacher assistance these projects are ideal for any elementary grade level.

  • Hobby Greenhouse Association Preschool-Lifelong
    The Hobby Greenhouse Association is a nation-wide non-profit organization of people who enjoy growing ornamental and edible plants year-round through the use of various structures designed to provide the necessary or optimal environmental conditions for successful plant growth.

  • HortiPlex Grade 5-Lifelong
    The aim of this website's develops is to make "HortiPlex" a nexus of useful horticultural information on the Web. It helps the user to link to specific horticultural information.

  • Adventist Resource
    Lessons from Agriculture - an Integrative Approach Tertiary-Lifelong
    Santosidad presents some agricultural practices often done in tropical regions such as the Philippines and from these practices draw spiritual implications to the the teaching of Christian values to both agriculture and non-agriculture students.

  • Massachusetts Agriculture Education Laws and Regulations Grade 9-Lifelong
    The Massachusett's Department of Educations posting of of laws and regulations governing agricultural high schools.

  • Michigan Farm Bureau's Agriculture Education Preschool-Lifelong
    This site includes games, puzzles, agriculture education resource links, and lesson plans.

  • National Association of Agricultural Educators Tertiary-Lifelong
    The NAAE is a federation of 50 state agricultural educators associations. The governing body of the organization consists of a board of directors with a president, president elect, and six regional vice presidents. Today, more than 7,600 agricultural educators are members of the NAAE.

  • National Junior Horticultural Association - NJHA Grade 1-Tertiary
    NJHA programs are designed to help young people obtain a basic understanding of, and develop skills in the ever expanding art and science of horticulture.

  • National Young Farmer Educational Association Tertiary-Lifelong
    NYFEA, the National Young Farmer Educational Association, is an association that educates agricultural leaders. Founded in 1966, it is a leadership development and community service organization focused on young / beginning producers and young agribusiness professionals.

  • Norfolk County Agricultural High School Grade 9-Lifelong
    An example of quality education where agriculture is central for Norfolk County Agricultural High School.

  • Plant Dictionary Grade 9-Lifelong
    Plant Dictionary is an indexed system of teaching resources for the discipline of Horticulture and Crop Science. This great resource for gardeners, developed by Ohio State University

  • Sci4Kids Grade 1-Grade 8
    Sci4Kids is a series of online interactive adventures/stories about what scientists do at the Agriculture Research Service in Beltsville, Maryland. Sci4Kids will help 8- to 13-year old students find out that Science can be fun as well as informative.

  • Adventist Resource
    Sustainable Agriculture - God's Plan, Man's Discovery Tertiary-Lifelong
    Tayo considers "the conventional call for sustainable agriculture in light of a system already put in place by God." This paper was presented at the 28th Institute of Christian Teaching.

  • Texas Essential Agriculture Education Standards Tertiary-Lifelong
    A listing of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Agricultural Science and Technology Education.

  • The WWW Virtual Library Grade 3-Lifelong
    Although not the largest Web index, "the VL pages are widely recognised as being amongst the highest-quality guides to particular sections of the Web."

  • USAID Kindergarten-Lifelong
    USAID supports long-term and equitable economic growth and advances U.S. foreign policy objectives by supporting: economic growth, agriculture and trade; global health; and, democracy, conflict prevention and humanitarian assistance.