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resources regarding the design and decoration of the inside of buildings used by humans

  • Better Homes & Gardens Grade 7-Lifelong
    Great interiors slide shows, decorating and remodeling ideas, recipes, gardening, holidays, health, family and crafts.

  • Dream Homes Source Floor Plans Grade 9-Lifelong
    Over 17,000 floor plans that you can search by house style, number of rooms, floors, etc.

  • Electric Quilt Grade 7-Lifelong
    Electric Quilt is a computer program to design and plan your quilt. It's a wonderful tool for learning about shapes and colors, even if you don't make the quilt.

  • Quilt University Grade 7-Lifelong
    Quilting education is taken to a new level done on the internet. Take a sample course to see how it's done. Be amazed at how much you can learn at your own pace and to fit into your schedule. Quilting is a very rewarding and educational activity. Learning...