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resources for learning keyboarding skills

  • Keyboard Mastery Grade 5-Tertiary
    Keyboard Mastery is designed to teach beginners how to type and teach experienced typists to type faster and more accurately. For beginners, the course is designed to teach keyboarding by touch. For experienced typists, the course is designed to improve speed and accuracy.

  • Keyboarding for Kids Grade 1-Grade 6
    Keyboarding for Kids is a basic, sequential program. Data is entered from the textbook. Students set a goal and a time limit. Scores that meet the accuracy standard are automatically saved to a Goal/Progress Report which can be printed periodically. The directions on the screen for the student to follow would need teacher assistance for first and second graders.

  • Adventist Resource
    Keyboarding Practice Form Grade 3-Grade 10
    Microsoft Word 2003 template. Download this template and open it in MS Word. 1. Choose Unprotect Document from the Tools menu. 2. Make any changes to the title or exercise #. 3. Enter a line of characters...

  • Keyboarding Timed Writing Score Log Grade 2-Grade 10
    Microsoft Word 2003 document. To be used for tracking students scores of timed writings for keyboarding class.

  • Learn 2 Type Kindergarten-Grade 6
    Typing Test and free Typing tutor at Learn 2 Type for Kids - the leading free Web site that helps kids master the skills of touch typing. The interactive exercises automatically adjust to your child's skill level. The better they get, the more challenging the Typing exercises become. You can come and go as you please and pick up the Typing lesson where you left off.

  • Pete's Online Typing Course Kindergarten-Grade 4
    Free online typing lessons and typing exercises for beginning typists.

  • Type to Learn, Vol 4 Grade 3-Grade 12
    This software provides age-appropriate instruction in keyboarding that will help young students use the computer with greater ease. Twenty-two lessons illustrate everything from proper posture and hand position, to the correct finger selection for every key on the keyboard, included the dreaded numbers and punctuation. Each lesson includes practice games and speed building exercises.

  • Typing A-Z Grade 3-Grade 8
    This is a structured program where students receive direct instruction as they learn the keyboard and develop appropriate typing habits with the aid of DVD clips and audio CD lessons. Presented by an experienced typing teacher, the program also contains a manual for the teacher in notebook format. Although the program was originally designed for grades 5-6, it is appropriate for grades 3-4 and through the “fast track” element students in grades 7-8 may benefit.