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resources for the study of the spheres of the earth, its surface, and its atmosphere

  • Adventist Resource
    Geoscience Research Institute Grade 6-Lifelong
    The website of this Adventist research organization provides links to a wealth of information for students and teachers of Science or Religion. The Institute uses both science and revelation to study the question of origins. Links provide access to a wide...

  • AAAS Science Benchmarks Online Kindergarten-Grade 12
    Science benchmarks from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The Project 2061 publishes Benchmarks for Science Literacy and Science for All Americans to answer "the question of what constitutes adult science literacy, recommending...

  • Christian Resource
    Apologia High School Science Grade 7-Grade 12
    A Christian high school science curriculum that is readable, easy to understand, and has experiments which can be performed in a small or home school. The curriculum is backed by a question/answer support system.

  • Brain Pop Kindergarten-Lifelong
    "BrainPOP creates animated, curricular content that engages students, supports teachers, and bolsters achievement – in classrooms, at home, and on mobile devices." It utilizes interactive online learning with quizzes, game play, and activities in many subjects.

  • Christian Resource
    CIESE Online Classroom Projects Grade 1-Grade 12
    Numerous ongoing or short- or long-term online collaborative projects your class can become involved with. Specific names of projects will change as time goes by, but general kinds of projects include testing and comparing water, genetics, temperature, and...

  • CK-12 FlexBooks Library for STEM courses Grade 5-Lifelong
    Download and customize USA standards-aligned flex-books using content available free online. Texts are structured by chapters including learning activities. Assemble books with desired chapters, add to a flexbook shelf, save and name books, and distribute...

  • Adventist Resource
    Come Rain or Shine - An Earth and Space Science Unit Kindergarten-Grade 4
    Designed for grades K-4, the activities in this science unit "are also suitable for differentiated instruction through the use of Art (drawing, coloring, and the assembling of shapes) and technology." A strong spiritual connection is also presented....

  • Christian Resource
    Creation Illustrated Kindergarten-Lifelong
    A Christian creation magazine for the family. Creation Illustrated's three sections on nature, Scripture, and living provide a balance of mental, spiritual, and physical enrichment in each edition. Creation Illustrated is published quarterly (beginning in...

  • Earth Reference Data Models Grade 9-Lifelong
    The website for earth science reference data and models comprehensively links to GERM (Geochemical Earth Reference Model), MagIC (Magnetics Information Consortium), SBN (Seamount Biogeosciences Network) and ERESE (Enduring Resources for Earth Science Education),...

  • Adventist Resource
    Earth Science Labs Grade 9-Grade 10
    This comprehensive collection of earth science labs integrate faith with academic excellence. Download 110+ lab sheets for a full year's high school earth science course. An index organizes labs by chapter titles in the text Glencoe McGraw Hill's text, Earth...

  • Earth Science Labs Grade 5-Grade 12
    Experiments and projects to do in the lab or at home include: Drinking Water From the Sea, Personal Seismographs, How Round is the Earth?, Oil Well Blowout Simulator, The Absorbency of Rock, Build a Buckyball, The Permeability of Soil, Energy Efficiency,...

  • Earth Science Lesson Plans Grade 3-Grade 10
    Earth Science lesson plans that can be used in conjunction with teaching Physical Geology. This site also contains links to other useful websites.

  • Eduweb Kindergarten-Lifelong
    These excellent online interactive learning adventures for students K-16 include games and simulations organized by subject, grade, or client.

  • Exploratorium Grade 1-Grade 12
    The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception. The site includes instructions for over 500 simple experiments, hands on activities, a variety of online exhibits,...

  • Explore Learning Grade 3-Tertiary
    Experience math and science with hundreds of interactive visual aids called gizmos. Browse the gizmo catalog by academic standard, grade and topic, or textbook correlations. An excellent resource for class or individual learning. Paid Subscription Required.

  • Frank Potter's Science Gems Kindergarten-Lifelong
    Dr Potter's site is an excellent resource to find science web and math resources. He updates his site regularly and also indicates suggested appropriate grade levels for all sites.

  • Adventist Resource
    Freedom of Water - A Service Learning Unit Grade 5-Grade 12
    In this 100+ page unit, "students will learn facts about water consumption, availability, symbolism, cleanliness, etc. Students will read and write about water issues. Through exposure to information about the need for water world-wide, students will...

  • Geography 4 Kids Grade 5-Grade 12
    GEOGRAPHY4KIDS was created to introduce you to the world and workings of physical geography and your planet. This kind of geography is not about countries and gross domestic products. Physical geography is all about the Earth and the things that happen on...

  • Adventist Resource
    Green is an Important Part of the Spectrum 0-2 years-Lifelong
    This article by Joy Veverka showcases what one school is doing to “go green” while using such opportunities to provide outstanding learning experiences for their students. The projects at Rogers Adventist School include solar panels, a wind turbine, and a salmon tank.

  • Adventist Resource
    How Does Human Activity Affect Species Extinctions? 0-2 years-Lifelong
    This article by William Hayes and Floyd Hayes focuses on the impact humanity has had on species extinction and the loss of biodiversity. The writers first summarize the history of human-caused extinctions, and then describe three key points of evidence that...

  • Christian Resource
    Institute for Creation Research Grade 9-Lifelong
    A Christ-focused creation ministry: ICR offers seminars, conferences, debates, various other speaking engagements, creation science workshops, radio/tv outreach, graduate school in the sciences, museum of creation and earth history, creation research, guided...

  • Intellicast Grade 5-Lifelong
    A great source for world weather and climate information. Searchable by zip code for America, or by region for world. Also includes climate information, interesting weather-related news and more.

  • Kids Gardening Preschool-Grade 12
    Information and ideas on incorporating learning and gardening, from preschool age through elementary school. Teacher and parent links on subjects ranging from literature connections, grants, gardening in school, wildlife, seasons, weather, and much more.

  • Minerals A-Z Grade 5-Lifelong
    The most detailed guide to minerals online, provides detailed information and images of all known minerals, and includes a special guide to gemstones, a gallery of mineral pictures, a glossary, and resources related to rocks, minerals and gemstones.

  • Christian Resource
    Moody Press Online Catalogue Kindergarten-Tertiary
    Full online catalogue of Christian books for all ages from Moody Bible Institutes Press.

  • Nasco Online Catalogs Kindergarten-Lifelong
    "Nasco has over 20 different catalogs offering over 96,000 unique items to meet the needs of teachers in 16 different educational subject areas."

  • National Park Service Kindergarten-Lifelong
    Website of the National Park Service of America. Access curriculum based field trips to national parks, links to resources related to the parks, maps, passes, conservation information, much more. This is a treasure for American natural studies research.

  • National Wildlife Federation Website Preschool-Lifelong
    Home page of National Wildlife Federation. Includes links to Ranger Rick, Your Big Backyard, Animal Baby, National Wildlife and International Wildlife. Online activities. Conservation information, school yard habitat information, outdoor activities for families...

  • Adventist Resource
    Natural Disasters - Acts of God or Acts of Satan? Tertiary-Lifelong
    If you have wondered about the underlying agent behind natural disasters and are looking for an Adventist viewpoint, this article may present an interesting perspective. Douglass examines Bible prophecy, and considers the differences between Satan's role and...

  • Ocean Oasis Teacher's Guide Grade 5-Grade 9
    Convection currents play a role in circulating fluids which cause changes in the atmosphere, ocean currents, and the earth's plates. This site gives experiments students can conduct on how convection currents work.

  • Adventist Resource
    Salt in History and the Bible - A Multidisciplinary Unit Grade 1-Grade 3
    The purpose of this unit is to help students from the beginning of their education to become aware of how much man is dependent upon the resources of his environment and how God has helped to provide those resources throughout human history.

  • Science @ NASA Grade 9-Lifelong
    Access NASA's news stories on space science, astronomy, living in space, earth science, physical & biological sciences and more. There is also a section about satellite tracking.

  • Science NetLinks Kindergarten-Grade 12
    This site provides free, Internet-based content across academic disciplines. Access a wealth of standards-aligned resources for K-12 science educators, including lesson plans, interactive and reviewed Internet resources.

  • Adventist Resource
    The Center Makes the Difference Tertiary-Lifelong
    Folkenberg talks about Copernicus showing that the earth was not the stationary center of the universe, the Great Controversy, and God being our center.

  • Adventist Resource
    The Importance of the Intelligence Design Theory for Adventist Science Education Tertiary-Lifelong
    Aagaard urges Adventist educators to be familiar with the current arguments and introduce their students to both sides of the issue, as a "vaccination" against the seductive materialistic influences that surround us." This paper was presented...

  • The Jason Project Kindergarten-Tertiary
    A year-round scientific expedition designed to excite and engage students in science and technology and to motivate and provide professional development for teachers. Each year, JASON mounts a major scientific expedition that examines one or more of Earth's...

  • The Nevada Seismological Laboratory Grade 5-Grade 9
    Information and maps of recent quakes as well as images from their monitoring center.

  • Adventist Resource
    The Puzzle of the Petrified Trees Tertiary-Lifelong
    Coffin looks at the puzzle of petrified trees and suggests that creationists "need to study this phenomenon carefully." This paper was presented at the 8th Institute of Christian Teaching.

  • The Sourcebook for Teaching Science Grade 9-Grade 12
    The Sourcebook for Teaching Science: Strategies, Activities, and Internet Resources provides new and experienced teachers with a wealth of useful teaching strategies, resources, lessons, activities, and ideas to enhance science teaching and learning....

  • Turkey Earthquake Audio Files and Reports Grade 5-Grade 12
    Listen to CNN audio file reports from the Turkey earthquake. United States Energy Secretary Bill Richardson and Turkish Ambassador Mehmet Ezen share projections for reconstruction and stories from survivors.

  • Virtual Dating-Geology Grade 9-Grade 12
    A great interactive lesson on earth science dating. Virtual Dating contains two options as well as a demonstration version. Virtual Dating Isochron for rocks and minerals; Virtual Dating Radiocarbon (Carbon-14); Virtual Dating Demo If you just want to do a...

  • Volcano World Grade 1-Grade 12
    This website has information on volcanoes all over the world. It has beautiful color pictures as well as a list of current/recent erruptions. It has many volcano facts and a fun kids page with games, volcano school project ideas and more.

  • Adventist Resource
    What Can We Do in Our Homes and Schools to Care For the Environment? 0-2 years-Lifelong
    This article by Carrie Wolfe answers the question “what are some practical things we can do at home and school to care for the Earth’s environment?”

  • Windows to the Universe Grade 6-Grade 12
    NASA sponsored dynamic presentation of earth and space sciences. Choose beginner, intermediate, or advanced interest levels on this graphic site.