An Investigation Into the Issue of Low Enrolment in Adventist Schools in Canada and How It Is Being Addressed

This study was designed to investigate the low and declining enrolment in Seventh-day Adventist schools in Canada. The investigation was accomplished by conducting a survey among four groups of stakeholders: school administrators, teachers, support staff and school board members. The survey addressed areas such as program quality, facilities, resources, location, marketing, and the perceived roles of teachers, administrators, pastors and other stakeholders. The results of the investigation suggests that, although Adventists schools in Canada deliver a high quality educational program, several areas contribute to low and declining enrolment: tuition cost, program and personnel issues, school plant and facilities, competition and poor marketing. Of these drivers, high tuition cost is the most common reason given by parents for not enrolling their children in Adventist schools. But stakeholders believe that to arrest and reverse the declining enrolment trend, emphasis must be placed on having an aggressive marketing strategy involving key stakeholders.

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