A comparative study of the distribution of spiritual gifts among students at Andrews University

Problem: Recently, considerable interest in spiritual gifts has developed and many scholars have attempted to measure them. This study was to determine whether spiritual gifts distribution is related to a specific demographic profile, and discriminates between certain groups.

Method: The New Spiritual Gift Inventory provided scores for five spiritual gifts clusters, and three statistical procedures were employed to analyze the data gathered from 335 students.

Results: These results were obtained:
1. The clusters do not discriminate between students solely on the basis of academic classification.
2. Seminarians are stronger on the Teacher cluster than other students.
3. Males are stronger on the Teacher cluster and weaker on the Helper cluster than females.
4. Older students are stronger on the Teacher cluster than younger students.
5. A particular demographic profile is associated with a specific combination of gifts.

Conclusions: These differences among the groups suggest that believers should expect such differences in local congregations.

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Darius A Lecointe
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