Organizational communication satisfaction and job satisfaction among Seventh-day Adventist church employees

Purpose: This study investigated relationships between perceived organizational communication satisfaction and perceived job satisfaction as experienced and reported by employees of SDA church organizations in West Africa.

Procedures: A 61-item questionnaire was mailed to 200 randomly-selected employees. Of these, 142 questionnaires were returned adequately completed to provide data for this study. Data were analyzed using SPSS-X statistical software. Analyses included: ANOVA, MANOVA, and Pearson r correlations.

Findings: Data analysis indicated that: (1) All the respondents reported satisfaction with the flow of communication between employees on the same level. (2) Seventy-eight percent of the respondents experienced satisfaction with the clarity of written communication and information regarding how their jobs compared with others. (3) Nearly 63 percent of the administrators were dissatisfied with subordinates' reception of evaluation, suggestions, and criticisms. (4) About 65 percent of the respondents were less than satisfied with supervisors' feedback regarding solution of job-related problems. (5) Respondents' reported job satisfaction was found to be related to organizational communication satisfaction.

Conclusions: (1) Many of the respondents expressed satisfaction with organizational communication and other job-related experiences. An important number of respondents, however, expressed dissatisfaction. (2) In the light of the dissatisfaction with organizational communication and other job-related experiences reported by many respondents, it may be that productivity in the SDA church organizations in West Africa is less than optimum and higher in cost than necessary. (3) Respondents expressed willingness to participate in efforts to improve communication in their organizations. (4) Subordinates tended to look to their superiors for leadership toward improving organizational communication.

Recommendations: The study recommended that: (1) Seminars and workshops be developed to enhance employee understanding of communication effectiveness and to upgrade employee communication skills. (2) SDA educational institutions that prepare SDA church employees in West Africa consider introducing study programs addressing organizational communication. (3) Further studies be conducted into ways of enhancing employee involvement in decision making and problem solving as means to improve organizational communication. 
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Seth A Laryea
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