A Spiritual Master Plan for Spicer Memorial College

In the face of required expenditures for competitive higher education and the growing challenges of quality Christian training, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is concerned about accountability in spiritual development and outcomes assessment. The General Conference Annual Council of 1996 voted the “Total Commitment to God” document. This document focuses on developing at each tertiary institution a comprehensive Spiritual Master plan, proposed by the faculty and approved by the board that identifies the spirituals truths and values, both cognitive and relational, which the institution is committed to share with its students, and to compressively identify the opportunities through which those values will be communicated in campus life.

Spicer Memorial College is committed to the distinctive purpose of Adventist education and the holistic development of the students. Toward this end, the college accepted the challenge and proposals suggested in the “Total Commitment to God” document. The Spiritual Master Plan for Spicer Memorial College was developed between September 2000 and December 2002.

The Spiritual Master plan virtually evolved from the Mission Statement of Spicer Memorial College. On the basis of this statement and the institutional objectives, the Spicer Memorial College ideal student profile was developed for a spiritually mature Adventist student. Then, considering the spiritual needs, a vision for the plan was created. A SWOT analysis was done to know the present climate of spiritual life on the campus. A spiritual life inventory was then done to do a current appraisal of the various spiritual activities on the campus.

Observations were made based on personal interviews reflecting those activities, needs and concerns. Recommendations were also made on the four different studies that were done which include Faith Maturity Scale, the Religious Activities Evaluation, the Non-Spiritual Activities Evaluation, and the Spiritual Indicators Questionnaire. The dissertation contains a history and description of Spicer Memorial College, as well as the narration of the development of the plan. The plan, as approved, appears in the appendix, together with the surveys and the raw data obtained.

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