An assessment of curriculum needs for family life studies in Trinidad and Tobago

Purpose of the Study: This study is designed to assess the curriculum needs in Family-Life Studies for Seventh-day Adventist schools in Trinidad and Tobago where no adequate needs assessment has been undertaken.

The Procedure: The Family-Life Survey was hand delivered to each of the sixty-six possible respondents. The information for completing the survey was included with it. For each of the first six items, a single blank was to be filled in. For the next forty-one items two responses were requested for each. The topic-preference rating and the school-level preference were indicated on a 5-point Likert-type scale. The surveys were completed by college students, parents and teachers residing in Berrien Springs but who had lived in Trinidad and Tobago at sometime during the last fifteen years.

Technique: Fifty-two completed surveys were analyzed. The first three items describing the subjects were scored for raw totals, and the last three items for averages. The remainder of the data was analyzed by computer to examine the percentage responses for each item on each choice of preference and school-level selected. Items were arranged from highest to lowest percentage to determine the preference of choice.

Findings: The findings indicated that there was a positive need for the introduction of family-life education at each school level. It was observed that each subject area was to be introduced at the primary level and that matters pertaining to religious training should be emphasized throughout the school curriculum.

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Marva O Bhola
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