An investigation of perceptions of recruiting strategies - utilized for home economics students in three Seventh-day Adventist institutions of higher education in the United States of America

Problem: In view of the decline in enrollment among institutions of higher education in general and in SDA institutions in particular, a study of the factors influencing the reason for choice of college as well as other pertinent factors was conducted.

Method: A survey was used to investigate perceptions of students, administrators and faculty members for factors related to choice of educational institution and to determine how faculty as well as programs were perceived by students. Chi-square analysis was conducted for students’ responses, however, due to the small size of administrators and faculty sample no statistical treatment was done but raw data was reported.

Results: There were significant differences among respondents in their reason for selection of college and satisfaction with faculty. The null hypotheses that recruiting strategies influence choice of college, perceptions of home economics programs, perceptions about factors influencing enrollment, and knowledge about available resources in the home economics programs were supported.

Conclusion: Differences were found among respondents from the three institutions of higher education. Further research is recommended.

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A L Williams
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