JAE Editorial: The Uniqueness of Adventist Education

General Conference Education Director Garland Dulan reflects on the challenges facing Adventist education in 2010, and suggests 7 elements that make it stable and unique: its unifying mission, its whole-person development focus, its faith perspective, its academic excellence, its emphasis on moral and ethical values, its emphasis on service as a vital component of academic life, and its enduring anchor as God.

Articles included in this special General Conference Session Summer 2010 issue:
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CIRCLE: the Google of Adventist Education
East-Central Africa Division Report
Euro-Africa Division Report
Euro-Asia Division Report
Inter-American Division Report
North American Division Report
Northern Asia-Pacific Division Report
South American Division Report
South Pacific Division Report
Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division Report
Southern Asia Division Report
Southern Asia-Pacific Division Report
Trans-European Division Report
West-Central Africa Division Report

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