Origins - Responsive Classroom & Developmental Designs Training

Origins provides professional development regarding the related holistic teaching and learning strategies called Responsive Classrooms (Gr K-6), and Developmental Designs (Gr 5-9).

"Nothing is more important than creating schools where the Holy Spirit is free to do His work in our lives and those of our students. While the Responsive Classroom is not a spiritually driven approach to accomplishing this, it is based on a wholesome understanding of some genuine human needs which will not be denied in a Christian classroom. A classroom where students make fun of each other, fail to understand each others’ needs, or where students feel punished is an environment in which the Holy Spirit’s work is restricted. Responsive Classroom strategies are easily shaped to become distinctively spiritual and to create a reflective and respectful setting which is hospitable to the work of the Holy Spirit."(NYC Superintendent, Kim Kaiser, The Master Teacher, Feb 2011)

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Kindergarten-Grade 9
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