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"This issue of the International Forum Journal focuses on some current concerns facing international Christian organizations. There is within Christianity today a growing realization that our centuries-old message needs to find new means of expression. In order to find new approaches, however, we need to better understand who we are as a church, what we believe, and where the biggest needs for change are. Many of the articles in this issue, in an attempt to provide this sort of information, include data collected within Southeast Asia, but the discussions that flow from the data are equally valid in other parts of the world.

While this volume can only address a limited number of issues, and cannot hope to 'solve' any of them, it is important to discuss these sorts of concerns, and to collect data which can help us provide real answers, not just opinions about possible solutions. Institutions of higher education such as AIIAS provide a venue where such concerns can and should be studied and addressed. This issue is a first step toward identifying some of the major concerns which should be addressed, and it is my sincere hope that this publication will spark further research, discussion, and soul-searching as each of us considers the mission of the church in our own corner of the globe." Articles in this issue include:
Learning to Teach Adults: Principles of Adult Education in the Writings of Ellen White
Barriers to Participation in Research for College Faculty
The Impact of Spirituality on Academic Performance
Language Learners and School Readiness: A Case Study of Two Korean Boys
A Study of the Health Status of Filipino Workers in Selected Seventh-day Adventist Institutions in the Philippines
Opinions on Family and Social Issues Associated with Religious Practice in Southeast Asia

Book Reviews in this issue include:
Teaching Actively: Eight Steps and 32 Strategies to Spark Learning in Any Classroom
The Theory of Money and Banking in Modern Times
Conducting a Successful Fundraising Program

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