Factors influencing Belize district primary school teachers' attitudes toward inclusive education

Inclusive education continues to be a reoccurring challenge as various factors affect to what extent teachers or educators are willing to educate children with disabilities in the regular education setting alongside their non-disable peers. This quantitative study examined factors influencing Belize District Primary School teachers' attitudes toward inclusive education. The study also sought to determine the effect of specific variables on the attitudes of teachers in the Belize District. The study measured 661 registered Belize District primary school teachers' attitudes toward inclusive education using a 38 item attitudinal survey.

The study found that Belize District primary school teachers have varying attitudes toward inclusion. The more serious the disability, particularly those such as Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Bifida, Musculoskeletal Conditions, Serious Emotional among other disabilities, the more negative the attitudes toward inclusive education. The findings suggest there are no differences in Belize District teachers' attitudes toward inclusive education as related to experience of contact, gender, ethnicity, age and educational qualification. The study also found no differences between teachers' attitudes and school demographics, namely school location, school management and school size. However, there were differences in teachers' attitudes toward inclusion and student with disabilities population (SWD population). Belize District primary school teachers are ardent toward students with disabilities; however, the challenges persist as students with disabilities continue to face marginalization in general education and until there is a mandated attitude change, students with disabilities will continue to be absent from 21 st Century education and beyond in Belize.

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Maxine McKay
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