VG1 Faith Maturity and Denominational Loyalty in Adventist High Schools in Mid-American Union

A causal-comparative study, the task of this quantitative dissertation was the replication of the Valuegenesis study in the Mid America Union with attention to an accurate sampling of the public school sector. This data was compared with the original data from the 1990 study to validate both public school and academy sectors, with no significant differences discovered between the two studies thereby offering a higher level of validity to the original study. The major thrust of the study was the isolation of six measured variables in the Valuegenesis study, isolating the educational variable, so as to obtain two samples of secondary students with similar personal, family, and church backgrounds, differing only in the place where they go to school. These two groups from parochial and public high schools, were then compared on the same two original Valuegenesis criteria, faith maturity and denominational loyalty, with the goal of objectively identifying the role of the school in determining these two factors. It was hypothesized that there would be a significant positive difference in faith maturity and denominational loyalty in Adventist students who attend Adventist parochial secondary schools when compared with Adventist students who attend public high schools. This did not prove to be true. Students who feel positive about their home and church do not show a significant difference in their faith maturity and denominational loyalty when comparing those who attend public or parochial schools.

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Richard George Carlson
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Dissertations Abstracts International, 57 (12A), 4309.
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