Valuegenesis Study 1 Core Report : Australia and New Zealand

"The South Pacific Division Valuegenesis project arose from a desire to understand more clearly the relationship between Adventist homes, churches and schools and the young people whose needs they serve. The objectives of the SPD Valuegenesis study closely parallel those of the North American Division (NAD) Valuegenesis study. Consultations were held involving Church Ministries, Youth and Education Departments to ensure that the project would provide answers to significant questions. The Valuegenesis Management Committee monitored these discussions and endorsed the following questions as major objectives of the project: • To what extent have our young people developed a mature faith and Christian commitment? • Do our young people feel a sense of loyalty to their Church? • What aspects of home life, the Church and the Adventist school contribute most to the development of faith and loyalty among our young people? • How well do our young people accept and respond to church standards? • In what way Adventist homes, churches, and schools more effectively meet the needs of young people? • To what extent are Adventist young people involved with drinking, non prescription drugs and other ""at risk "" behaviours? This core report includes 100 pages, with seven chapters and the first of seven appendixes. An overview of the experimental design, research instrument and sample is followed by literature review and study findings regarding faith and doctrine, church life, the Adventist family, the Adventist school, attitudes and behaviour, and working together as home, church and school agents for spiritual formation and faith development."

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G F Clifford; O L Hughes; B K Craig; A B Gane; L D Devine; A R Walshe; A C Reye; J F Waters; G I L Roberts
South Pacific Division Department of Education
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