Focusing on Science Experiments

Experiments that are inexpensive, effective and easy to do, shared by the NAD Science Curriculum Guide 9-12 Committee members, as a supplement to the curriculum guide. Experiments included are titled: How big is the solar system? Demonstrations of the effects of different densities; Soil erosion and deposition laboratory; Liquifaction of soil; Dermal and vascular tissue lab procedures; The remarkable shooting idioblasts; Osmosis - diffusion lab; Owl pellet lab; Woolly worm lab; The electric pickle demo; A safe theonol cannon; Chemiluminescent necklaces; Methanol flame tests; Mystery sign; Patriotic colors; Natural indicators; Rainbow lab; Nitrogen oxide equilibrium; Hydrogen and oxygengenerating, collecting and testing; Diffusion of ideal gases; Physics lab investigation: Diver; Physics lab investigation: Penny lab; Which of Newton's laws can be demonstrated by a soda pop can? NOTE: the large file may take some time to download.

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