Arts Attack

Arts Attack is an entire art curriculum for use in K-8 schools. The DVD (or online) format of this program has been designed to make it easy for the classroom teacher to facilitate a comprehensive, developmental and sequential program based on the principles and elements of art. The program offers: sequential art training; 10 large art prints per grade with discussion guides; a complete teacher's manual (all inclusive lesson plans, instructional guidelines, drawing aids, material lists, background information); complete coverage of all essential elements and principles of art including color, line, shape, form, texture, pattern, balance, and emphasis; 24 step-by-step hands-on lessons per grade; 7-8 hours of instructional video at each grade level; a thorough introduction to art history, media exploration, creative self-expression, drawing techniques. This curriculum has been custom designed for use in Seventh-day Adventist schools. Multi-grade-level programs, Primary 1-4 for Grades 1-4 and Middle 1-4 for Grades 5-8, have been developed to implement on a four-year rotation cycle.

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Arts Attack,
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