Adventist Family Ministries

Target areas for the Family Ministries Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church include premarital guidance, marriage and parent education, extended families, single parenting, step-family needs, and the family needs of singles. The development of relational skills fostered by Family Ministries empowers young people, singles, and families and enriches relationships both within the home and within the church. Posted on this site are the Adventist Church's official statements on the following: Abuse and Family Violence; Child Sexual Abuse; Abortion; Consensus on Care for the Dying; Sexual Behavior; Homosexuality; Female Genital Mutilation; AIDS; STDS; Ethical Considerations Regarding Human Cloning; Pornography, and more.

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Other Adventist Source

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Internet Resources
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Informal / Lifelong Learning
0-2 years-Lifelong
Administrator / Leader, Teacher / Faculty, Parent / Informal Education
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Seventh-day Adventist