NAD Elementary Key Learnings Charts & Brochures

The North Pacific Union Office of Education distributed the downloadable charts and brochures which organize the Key Learnings information in two more easy to use formats. Key Learnings, written in a succinct and friendly format for educators, students and parents, provide an overview of the content that students should know and be able to do in each subject area and grade. They were aligned with the North American Division curriculum guides, national standards, McRel Database (Mid-Continental Regional Educational Laboratory) and Ten Sigma (a compilation of standards for 38 states). Teachers designed this Key Learnings project for teachers across North America. The results will assist teachers in planning lessons and curriculum for the year. Key Learnings are organized by grade or subject in this document. To jump to brochures organizing key learnings by subject and grade click here.

Note: Key Learnings are no longer officially being used.

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