JAE Editorial: Education for a Sure Future - Eternity

Citing a report on USA higher education, Simmons raises questions about the denomination's higher education system, and suggests reassessment and dramatic change are needed in order to:
1. provide greater access to Adventist higher education
2. be more intentional in preparing youth for leadership in society and in the church,
3. remain committed to preparing students for eternity.

Articles in this issue include:
Adventist Education and the Apocalyptic Vision Part I
Taking Off the Training Wheels
Dean's Column: The Task Force Deaning Program
Dialogue: Nurturing the Minds of Adventist College and University Students
Becoming the Best Christian Workplace We Can Be
AVLN Column: Attend the 2007 AVLN Conference
Using Process Variation Analysis to Monitor Teachers' Performance
Scripture Reading Revisited: Giving Voice to Biblical Literature
'Life 101': Integrating Healthy Balance Into a University's Curriculum

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