Math Step-by-Step Cue Cards

Math Step-by-Step cue cards are two-sided, laminated, teaching tools that enable the teacher to teach the skill, teach the card, supply the card to the child, then let the card provide all the repetitions the student needs.

In a clearly laid-out, color-coded format, these eight cards direct the student through the process of: 1) Addition with Carrying, Subtraction with Regrouping; 2) Long Multiplication, Learning the Multiplication Tables up through 10 X 10; 3) Long Division, Learning the Parts of a Division Problem, How to Check Their Answers; 4) Definition and Understanding of Numerator and Denominator, Addition of Simple Fractions, Subtraction of Simple Fractions, Equivalent Fractions; 5) Addition & Subtraction of Like Denominators, Addition & Subtraction of Unlike Denominators, Reducing Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers; 6) Multiplication of Fractions, Reducing to Simplest Terms, Division of Fractions, Inverting and Multiplying; 7) Decimals and Percents Step-by-Step, How to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals and percents, Fraction-decimal-percent relationships, How to change from one mode to another; and 8) Scientific Notation and its related terminology: coefficient and base, transferring from standard to scientific notation, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing in scientific notation.

Math Step-by-Step cue cards have been reviewed and approved by the Southern Union superintendents for use in Adventist schools. They are presently being used in Adventist, public, and home schools. The cards can be purchased individually or in bundles.
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Mary Ann Walden
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Learning: Student Activities
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Seventh-day Adventist
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Mary Ann Walden, founder/owner, Walden Wonders