Artificial Intelligence from the Foundations of Mathematics To Intelligent Computers

This paper examines "the ramifications of artificial intelligence (AI) from a Christian perspective. Two purposes exist. First, the program for contemporary AI is broad and far reaching having implications for such diverse disciplines as mathematics, computer science, engineering, physics, psychology, sociology, history, ethics and philosophy. Though much has been said about AI from a secular perspective regarding these disciplines, little has been said regarding the theological and spiritual aspects of AI. Thus this paper hopes to generate thoughtful religious comment from Christian scholars over a broad range of other disciplines. Second, from the perspective of Christian education, this paper offers insight and observations for integrating faith and learning. This will be the most relevant to appropriate classes in computer science and mathematics, though there will be spin off benefits to the other disciplines as well." This paper was presented at the 7th Institute of Christian Teaching.

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Raymond L Paden
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Institute for Christian Teaching Vol 07CC:173-187
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