Another Look at the Battle of the Sexes

"In many societies an uncertainty seems to grip men and women as to their roles. On the one hand, women, having won their right to the workplace after being excluded for centuries, feel stressed out from the pressures of trying to be "superwoman"--breadwinner, parent, housekeeper, activist. On the other, the female role shift has forced men to redefine their own. The 1970s witnessed men attempting to develop their feminine side--the "soft male"--to counter the emerging tough women. But women, while demanding and savoring equal rights with men, still want men to be masculine, to "wear the pants in the family," and be the primary providers. Meanwhile, men seek to recover their masculinity--even as they nurse the wounds inflicted by the feminist movement. In the midst of such male-female conflicts, a wistful longing for the good old romantic days still occurs: "We used to fall in love, remember?""

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