Journey to Excellence


In the mid-1990s, a North American Division Curriculum Futures Commission was established to create a renewed vision for curriculum in Seventh-day Adventist schools in the 21st century. That group focused on the 9-12 secondary program. Its report, titled Focus on Adventist Curriculum for the 21st Century and often referred to as the FACT-21 report, was approved by the North American Division Board of Education in 1997. Secondary schools across the Division began to develop initiatives for change based on this report. Educational leadership at all levels in the North American Division has determined that the content of this report is vital to the school improvement process in Adventist schools. Thus, the features of this program are being integrated into a variety of Adventist educational publications and resources such as curriculum guides and evaluation instruments.

Recognizing that the material in the FACT-21 report had value for Adventist education K-12, the North American Division appointed a committee to revise and update the report, developing a document that would be fully K-12 in scope and current in content. This work was subsequently approved for publication in 2002. The primary components of the FACT-21 report - Philosophy, Goals, Essential Core Elements, and Preferred Practices - have been revised, expanded and integrated into this model for school improvement: Journey to Excellence.


The Journey to Excellence Model

Journey to Excellence is based on a model of school improvement developed by Paul Brantley. Please see: Brantley, Paul. "Can Education Be Adventist and Excellent, Too?" Journal of Adventist Education, Summer 1999.
NAD Curriculum Futures Commission (1997)
Jim Epperson & Dick Osborn Co-chairs, Kelly Bock, Paul Brantley, George Bronson, Irma Hadley, Keith Hallam, Alan Hurlbert, Steve Pawluk, Gary Temple, Rosemary Tyrrell, Berit von Pohle, Doug Walker, Don Weatherall, Cleon White.
NAD K-12 Revision Committee (2002)
Dennis Plubell - Chair, Kelly Bock, Alan Bohman, Debra Fryson, LouAnn Howard, Erma Lee, Berit von Pohle, Don Weatherall, John Wheaton.

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