Journey to Excellence

Professional Development

Professional development is an essential, on-going process that creates a collaborative school environment fostering student achievement.

  1. Effective professional development will focus on areas of identified need, innovative methods, and research-driven topics.

  2. Effective professional development includes clear and specific goals established by:
    • the teacher creating and implementing a personal professional development plan.
    • the school as outlined in the comprehensive school improvement plan.
    • the conference, union, and Division through improvement initiatives.

  3. Effective professional development will include on-going systematic activities such as:
    • attending seminars, workshops, and professional conventions
    • membership and participation in professional organizations
    • maintaining appropriate teaching certification
    • mentoring
    • peer coaching
    • participating in study groups
    • observing other teachers and other school programs
    • professional presentations
    • professional reading
    • studying for advanced degrees

  4. To promote exemplary schools, teachers, schools, conferences, and unions will ensure adequate time is available on an on-going basis for planning, implementation, and participation in specific professional development activities.

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