Journey to Excellence

Integrating Technology Throughout the Instructional Program

Assessment of Instructor’s Starting Point

In any journey, it is important to know the starting point. Therefore, an assessment of each instructor’s level of technology literacy is necessary. It is not feasible to integrate technology until the administration and instructors have basic skills in technology. The chart in the following link identifies stages of technology competencies and time frames needed to obtain these levels: Integrating Technology Throughout the Instructional Program

The following information will help identify and implement technology in the classroom.

Level 1 Instructor’s Implementation

Preparation for Integration:

  • Aspire to learn a technology component
  • Learn the basic skill(s) for the component
  • Experiment with the technology component to build the teacher’s comfort level
  • Develop lesson plans to integrate the technology component(s) into classroom instruction
  • Motivate students with a positive instructor attitude
Attempt to embed the teaching of technology skills in your instruction, so that students may not even be aware that they have learned those skills.

Level 2 Instructor’s Implementation

Implement throughout the curriculum:

  • Integrate multiple components of technology into:
    • Thematic teaching
    • Project based instruction
    • Portfolio instruction
    • Direct instruction
    • Other strategies of teaching
  • Integrate technology components into the Journey to Excellence goals

Specialized Instruction

Management Area:

  • Hunter Training to prepare teachers/staff for new programs:
    • Grade Quick
    • School Minder


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