Journey to Excellence

Groups Assessing Other Groups

Students can establish with or without teacher input the criteria for assessing an activity. The criteria for assessing an activity must be established before staring the activity and recorded on the blank rubric provided by the teacher. During the activity presentation, students assess other groups' products according to the evaluation criteria they establish. Groups being evaluated should receive all student evaluations in order to process the information. The teacher can divide the total score of all the groups by the number of groups to arrive at a final assessment grade.

Groups Assessing Other Groups

Evaluators: Members of Group Evaluated ________________________________
Activity _________________________________________________

Unit Topic _______________________________________________
Criteria One 5     4     3     2     1
Criteria Two 5     4     3     2     1
Criteria Three 5     4     3     2     1
Total /15

Key: 5 - Excellent
4 - Very Good
3 - Fair
2 - Weak
1 - Unsatisfactory
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