Journey to Excellence

Communicating Results

Communication with students about performance and achievement is an essential element of assessment. The student must be informed about this learning goals and their progress on reaching content objectives. In addition, student participation is parent conferences and portfolio presentations are an important aspect of authentic assessment. In many instances, having a student take charge of their own conference is the most effective method of communicating to parents.


Communication About Student Achievement Package
Stresses the importance of communicating student achievement to both parents and students via checklists, rubrics, letter grades, numerical scores, etc. and the variety of methods used, i.e. report cards, informal communication, parent-teacher conferences, to name a few.
Interim Parent/Teacher School-to-Home Communiqué
Provides a blank master of narratives that students write to their parents describing the work that they brought home for parents to see. The blank master provides space for parents to respond.
Student-Led Conference (Narrative Sample)
A blank master illustrates a narrative sample to help students prepare for student-led conferences.
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