Journey to Excellence

Celebrating Diversity

Adventist schools will promote an environment that appropriately celebrates the diversity found among Godís children.


Adventist educators must focus on promoting a campus climate that celebrates the diverse backgrounds of students and staff. It is vital that an intentional school-wide program of activities celebrating diversity be implemented. In developing a cohesive calendar of activities that highlight the diverse backgrounds of students, the school affirms the value and self-worth of all students. More importantly, the institution is clearly communicating its intention to create equal access and opportunities for student success.

Teachers should find opportunities to integrate diversity awareness into the instructional program (see Integrating Diversity ). However, leaving it to teachers alone may result in misperceptions. These occur when teachers are inconsistent in integrating diversity awareness, or when it is not easily integrated into certain subject areas. It is also possible that the students will infer that diversity awareness only matters to certain teachers. To avoid these unacceptable conclusions a planned and organized school-wide program celebrating the diverse backgrounds of students, families, and staff, must be instituted.

The following are ideas that may be implemented as a school wide program celebrating diversity. Some ideas may also be transformed to fit a specific curriculum.


Ideas that Work


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