Journey to Excellence

Accepting and Respecting Diversity

Adventist schools will demonstrate a respect for diversity and teach that acceptance leads to unity through the love of Jesus.


In an exemplary Adventist school educators demonstrate respect for diverse backgrounds of students, families and colleagues. Administrators and teachers move beyond tolerance to active acceptance with the goal of fostering unity. This is evidenced when educators build helping relationships and ensuring equitable access and opportunities for all students regardless of background. This leads to a community of learners where all feel accepted and valued.

To attain this goal educators must thoroughly and objectively evaluate the organization to determine whether any inherent bias or unintentional barriers to student success exist within the institution. Focused activities must be utilized to ensure that school policies and practices do not restrict educational opportunities. Further, it is vital that school improvement plans incorporate programs that build a cohesive community of learners characterized by equal access, active acceptance, unity of purpose, and a support network for all school stakeholders.

The following ideas may be useful in accomplishing an institutional self-assessment, for creating a school environment that demonstrates respect and acceptance, and for promoting unity in a common educational purpose.


Ideas that work - institutional assessment and promoting unity


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