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Constructivist Lesson Plan Sample 2

Teacher: J. Borne Date: 16 June 2004
Subject: Earth Science Grade: 9
Topic: The Earthquake in Turkey


The death toll from the 7.4-magnitude earthquake on August 17, 1999 in Turkey reached 12,000, with 33,500 people injured. What did the world community do to assist Turkey in the wake of this disaster? What do students know about earthquakes and the aftermath of an earthquake? What information is available that will encourage them to assist people recover from disasters in other countries?


  • Objective 1: Find out what was done to assist the victims and their families in the relief effort following the devastating earthquake in Turkey in August 1999.
  • Objective 2: Discuss what we know and what questions we have about earthquakes.
  • Objective 3: Investigate the Earthquake in Turkey from the standpoint of its destructive effects and why the Earthquake occurred there.
  • Objective 4: Discuss and develop an action plan to assist the people in Turkey and other countries during future disasters.


  • Access to the Internet
  • Copies of “Earthquakes: The Toll in Turkey” worksheet to distribute at the beginning of Explanation Stage


Ask the students, “What do you know or have heard about earthquakes and what questions do you have? You should think not only in terms of your prior experiences, but specifically think about any devastating earthquakes that you have heard about in the news.”


There are a number of things students can do to learn about earthquakes. Here are a few. Have them choose at least one exploration.

1. Visit one or more of the following sites to find out about the earthquake in Turkey from a scientific point of view.

Examine some maps and graphs of the August 17 earthquake in Turkey

Real Time Earthquake Bulletin

Current World Seismicity

2. Visit CNN and look for stories about the earthquake in Turkey.

3. Audio files and reports on the Turkey earthquake.


Use the “Earthquakes: The Toll in Turkey” worksheet at end of lesson plan or download a printer-friendly pdf version.

Taking Action:

At this stage, students should be involved in an activity that will assist them in taking personal and/or social responsibility for what they learned about earthquakes in general, and the earthquake in Turkey in particular. This stage provokes the questions, "what did I learn, and how can I use this knowledge to assist others."

Students might visit any of the following sites to develop at least one significant idea that they can take action on.

Adventist Disaster and Relief Agency (ADRA)

Global Earthquake Response Center

The Red Cross

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

US Agency for International Development (USAID)


Hopefully students have learned not only about earthquakes, but how they can take action on catastrophic events such as these. Even though the quake occurred thousands of miles from their school, its effects are felt by all.

Earthquake Worksheet: The Toll in Turkey

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What did you find out about earthquakes in general, and the earthquake that occurred in Turkey on the 17th of August 1999? Summarize your findings using the chart below. Be ready to share with others.

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