Journey to Excellence

Sample Experiential Activity

Directions to students:

You will plan an actual field trip to Washington D.C. and New York City which we will make in the spring. You will research several aspects of travel and compare them to travel in the 1850s. You will present your findings both orally and visually to the class.

Pretend that you are a group of twelve government leaders from Salem, Oregon. It is necessary for you to meet with political colleagues in Washington, D.C. and New York City. For the first part of the task, the year is 1850. Devise a plan to communicate with politicians in Washington and New York. Next, research and explain how you will travel from Salem to meet with them in both locations. Include information on housing, expenses, food, and other conditions which would be pertinent to travel in that time.

In the second part of the task, use the current year. Plan how you will conduct the same journey in our contemporary society. Be precise in your planning. List types of transportation, lodging, restaurants available, etc. Itemize all costs. Please cite your sources. Using a compare contrast format, present your findings in graphic form on a poster.

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