Journey to Excellence

ITI General Approach

By applying current brain research to schools and classrooms to maximize student achievement and prepare responsible citizens, schools create a “body-brain compatible” learning environment based on eight elements:

  1. Absence of Threat: Students are free from anxiety about their physical safety and experience a sense of well-being as they learn.
  2. Meaningful Content: Teachers select topics that address standards and engage students.
  3. Choices: Students have the opportunity to select assignments that meet individual learning needs.
  4. Adequate Time: The schedule provides ample and flexible time for thorough exploration.
  5. Enriched Environment: The school offers an interesting and inviting setting, with emphasis on objects from the real world for students to see and touch.
  6. Collaboration: Students work together to enhance achievement and build social skills.
  7. Immediate Feedback: Students receive accurate feedback as they learn, not later.
  8. Mastery at the Application Level: Students internalize deeply what they learn and apply it to real-world situations.
  9. Movement to Enhance Learning: Movement activates and focuses body-brain systems for learning.

(from Catalog of School Reform models)

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