Journey to Excellence

Sample Humanities Problem

The President of the United States has resigned his office rather than face impeachment hearings. Many of his top aides have been charged, convicted, and incarcerated as a result of actions taken during the former President's administration. As the new President's Chief of Staff, you need to advise the President as he makes a decision regarding his predecessor. He can pardon the ex-President who is gravely ill and save the country the turmoil and spectacle of a trial. However, if he does pardon his predecessor, he runs the risk of alienating a large segment of the population who want to punish the ex-President (and possibly humiliate him). There is also the matter of the upcoming election which the new President wants to win. Draft a briefing paper for the President with a third alternative, which lists the pros and cons of all options, and considers the ethical implications of all three possible decisions.

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