Journey to Excellence

Steps in Problem-Based or Inquiry Learning

The steps in the Inquiry Training Model are grouped into five phases.

Phase One: Confrontation with the Problem

  1. Explain inquiry procedures.
  2. Present problems or discrepant events.

Phase Two: Data Gathering - Verification

  1. Students gather information about the problem [event] they see or experience.

Phase Three: Data Gathering - Investigating the Problem

  1. Students develop predictions and design a plan to test predictions based on information gathered about the problem.
  2. Facilitate the implementation of student's plan.

Phase Four: Organizing, Formulating and Explanation

  1. Instruct students to organize and interpret their results.

Phase Five: Analysis of the Inquiry Process

  1. Students analyze their pattern of problem solving by:
    • Determining the questions that were most effective,
    • Identifying the lines of questioning that were productive and those that were not,
    • Identifying the type of information needed to solve problem but was unavailable.

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