Journey to Excellence

Maintaining Appropriate Certification

Requirements for Denominational Certification

See the North American Division Code book and/or your Union Code book. If your school does not have a code book one can be obtained from your Conference or Union Office of Education.

Requirements for State/Provincial Certification

This information can be obtained from your State/Provincial Office of Education.

Questions and Issues - contact your Union Certification Registrar

NAD Education Department (301) 680-6463 (Carol Pack)
Atlantic Union Conference (978) 368-8333 Edu. Ext.3020
Canadian Union Conference (905) 433-0011
Columbia Union Conference (410) 977-3414
Lake Union Conference (269) 473-8274
Mid-America Union Conference (402) 484-3000 Edu. Ext. 3013
North Pacific Union Conference (360) 816-1400
Pacific Union Conference (805) 497-9457 Edu. Ext 314
Southern Union Conference (404) 299-1832 Edu. Ext. 439
Southwestern Union Conference (817) 295-0476 Edu. Ext. 326
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