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Promoting Your School

One of the most effective ways to promote your school is to have your students perform for your constituent churches. The following web sites provide children’s musicals that can be performed by your students.

Successfully performed musicals:

  • The Great Late Potentate – A unique Christmas musical for children.
  • Something’s Up Down in Bethlehem – A delightful Christmas musical.
  • We Like Sheep – Based on the “Lost Sheep” parable of Jesus.
  • It All Happened in the Country – Two city slickers get stranded in the country and find out there’s more to Christmas than the hustle and bustle of presents and decorations.
  • Down by the Creek Bank – 25th Anniversary Edition – Join the gang by the creek bank to sing and learn spiritual principles.


  • North American Division Handbook for Principals, pages 42-52, 76, 77. Contact your local Conference or Union for a copy.
  • Promoting Your School, C. Warner. Can be purchased from
  • Video – Holding Christian Schools in Trust by Christian Schools International; available at

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