Journey to Excellence

Importance of Leadership

Administrators will recognize the importance of the leadership role. The exemplary administrator will effectively relate with groups and individuals while maintaining a clear vision for the school program by realizing the importance of:

Leadership Web sites, books, and organizations that will help principals rise to the highest level of leadership possible
Spiritual Climate Resources to assess and change the spiritual culture and climate on a campus
School Vision Information on developing a school vision
A Culture for Learning Resources for building a productive learning culture that embraces interaction between the administrator, teacher and students
Instructional Strategies Resources for improving the quality of instructional strategies
Staff Development Websites and publications to assist in staff development
Innovative Practices Innovative practices that will assist them in developing a successful school program
Maintaining Certification Contact information regarding certification requirements
School Constituencies Resources relating to school constituencies and promoting the school to them
Managing School Functions Resources for prioritizing, organizing and managing the many functions of a school
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