Journey to Excellence

Managing School Functions

The ability to prioritize and organize an educational institution requires skill and resources. This accompanying information will be helpful in managing the variety of school functions.


  • a website dedicated to helping principals keep pace with education issues.
  • resources for principal forum exchange of best practices.
  • National Association of Secondary School Principals site covering multiple topics including calendar development, scheduling and various organizational issues.
  • school administrator and educators site provided by NW Regional Educational Laboratory to access organizational information.
  • an educators solutions company offering organizational tools for educational leaders.
  • a site to create a sampling tool for the school constituents.
  • a free newsletter is available at this location for Christian administrator covering a variety of educational topics.


  • North American Division Handbook for Principals p. 16 67
  • School Management by Wandering Around. Larry Fraze and Robert Hetzel. 1990. How to maximize your time as an administrator.
  • NASSP, NAMSP, NAESP. National journals committed to assisting principals manage their time and schools effectively.
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