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Leadership Resources

This resource list furnishes school administrators with information about the leadership role and about tools to improve skills.


  • General leadership resources including research, networking, professional organizations, leadership and administration.
  • Leadership skills, styles, research and roles.
  • Christian leadership development, multiple aspects of leadership issues, skills assessment. Companion publication: The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leaders Day.
  • Determine your leadership competencies on line.
  • A video focusing on the evolving role of the principal focusing on leadership and managerial components. Video # 498200L73. ASCD 1999
  • educational, instructional leadership.
  • this is the regional Educational Laboratories site which supports researched based school reform.
  • extensive databases of journals, articles, books, etc. with links to many other resources.
  • a source for access to published articles on any educational topic.
  • a large variety of on-line tests that will assess ones strengths and suggest ways to improve.
  • site for administrators to review a broad spectrum of leadership topics.
  • a web site providing information on board development and related topics.
  • research based site dedicated to inform and improve management practices.

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  • North American Division Handbook for Principals p 9, 42 and 76. A must read or all principals.
  • Fundamentals of Christian Education p. 15 – 46. A compilation of Ellen Whites leadership counsel.
  • What Great Principals Do Differently: 15 Things That Matter Most. Todd Whitaker 2002. 15 key items for administrative success.
  • Shaping School Culture: The Heart of the Leader. Terrance Deal and Kent D. Petersen. 1998. Discusses the role of a leader in changing school climate.
  • The Principal – New Leadership for New Challenges. John Seyfarth. 1999 Topics include Total Quality Management in school, educational changes, leadership and the Principal as a cultural leader.
  • Leadership is an Art. Max DePree. 1990. Discussed innovative styles of leadership.
  • Power of Servant Leadership. Robert K. Greenleaf. 1998. Find out the difference between leadership and servant oriented leadership
  • Leadership the Challenges. James Kouzes/Barry Posner. 2002. Learning from mistakes and successes.
  • Principle Centered Leadership. Steven Covey. 1991
  • God is My CEO. Larry Julian. 2002. A Biblical perspective to leadership.
  • None of Our Business. Why Business Models Don’t Work In Schools. Crystal England 2003
  • The Essentials. Peter Drucker 2001. A compilation of Druckers best ideas.
  • Developing The Leader Within You. John Maxwell. 2000
  • The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader. John Maxwell 2002
  • On Becoming a School Leader: a Person Centered Challenge. Arthur Combs, Ann Miser, Kathryn Whitaker. 1999 ASCD#199024
  • The Principalship. Thelbert Drake and William Roe. 2002. Offers a reality-based approach to a wide spectrum of educational leadership challenges.
  • The Principal as a Leader. Larry Hughes. 1999. Explores both theory and practices common of educational managers.
  • Phi Beta Kappan. The Professional Journal for Education. Articles concerned with educational research, services, leadership, issues, trend and policies.
  • NEA Today. The journal of the National Education Association.
  • The Journal of Adventist Education. The Adventist education systems national journal.
  • The Journal of School Leadership. Manuscripts that contribute to the exchange of ideas and scholarship about schools and leadership.
  • First Time Managers. The everything for managing people book. Gary McClain and Deborah Romaine.

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