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Fostering a Spiritual Climate

This list furnishes the leader with materials that provide information about how to foster a spiritual climate on the campus. Because the principal is the spiritual leader, it is vital that a model of an active relationship with Jesus Christ be fostered and maintained.


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  • Character Building Activities for Kids by Darlene Mannix. Book using character-building activities for classroom use.
  • North American Division Handbook for Principals p.54
  • Spiritual Development in School Invisible to the Eye. Alan Brown, Joan Furlong. 1996. How to measure the spiritual climate in your school.
  • Values of Church Schools. Peter Shepherd. 1998. A look at what church school values.
  • Prayer Evangelism. Bill Bright and Ed Silvoso. 2000. How to change the spiritual climate of your home, neighborhood and city.
  • Shaping School Culture. Terrance E Deal 1999. Basic principles of change that can be applied to Spiritual culture.
  • Christian Educator Journal. A forum for Christian school administrators.
  • Leadership Promises for Everyday. John Maxwell 2003. Designed to inspire and remind administrators of the responsibility of Gods work.

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