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  • This web site has subject areas, professional development information, and an “ask an expert” feature.
  • A variety of information on this site. Some examples are network and support, teaching practices, classroom management, and child development.
  • Specifically for middle school teachers. However, there is an abundance of information for first year teachers.
  • Excellent resources for professional development on a variety of topics.
  • National Association of Secondary School Principals. Information on school improvement, professional development, research, and much more.
  • National Association of Elementary School Principals An excellent resource on a variety of school-related topics.
  • A directory of professional development and resources for teachers and administrators
  • On-line continuing education for teachers from the University of Phoenix
  • Resources for staff development and other school-related topics.

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  • Successful Teaching (A Harry Wong Publication) 1030 West Maude Ave. # 507 Sunnyvale, CA 94086 A newspaper covering a variety of educational topics.
  • North American Division Handbook for Principals. Contact Conference or Union Office for a copy.
  • The Journal of Adventist Education A North American Division Publication
  • School Leadership: Handbook for Excellence, Stuart C. Smith and Philip K. Piele. A book covering a variety of topics, one of which is staff development.
  • The Principal: New Leadership for New Challenges, John T. Seyfarth Great book on principal’s role and responsibility including staff development.
  • Principal Leadership, (Journal of National Association of Secondary School Principals) Focuses on the school leader’s need for practical strategies for improving the school. See especially the section on “Tips for Principals” and the article “Evaluations that Ensure Growth: Teacher Portfolios” by Tracy A McNelly. December 2000.
  • The Principalship, Thelbert L. Drake and William H. Roe. Merrill Prentice Hall, 2003. Comprehensive discussion of the principal’s various tasks and roles in staff development.
  • Educational Administration: Concepts and Practices, Fred C. Lunenburg and Allan C. Ornstein. Wadsworth, 2000. Comprehensive discussion of the concepts and practices of educational administrative responsibilities with extensive tips of administrative advice.
  • The Principal as Leader, Larry W. Hughes. Merrill, 1999. Practical book on leadership with advice on how the principal can fulfill the role of establishing a culture and improving instruction and learning.
  • Educational Leadership. ASCD’s flagship publication with sources of information about teaching and learning, new ideas and practices, and the latest trends and issues.
  • Journal of Curriculum and Supervision. A refereed scholarly journal published quarterly. Abstracts of articles in current and archived issues available for ready access. The complete issues are available for sale.

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