Journey to Excellence

Acceptance of God

The goal, Acceptance of God, supports the unique philosophy of Adventist education. Essential core elements clarify and expand the goal statements and are intentionally infused into a curriculum that teaches students to:
Each student will:
Surrender oneís whole life to God; develop a relationship with Jesus Christ; and allow the Holy Spirit to work in oneís life.

  • Accept God as the Creator and the Redeemer.
  • Have a growing knowledge of Godís Word and enjoyment in its study.
  • Embrace Godís gift of grace by accepting Christ as oneís personal Savior.
  • Discover the importance and power of prayer and faith in oneís relationship with Jesus.
  • Value Godís revelation of Himself through inspired writings and creation.
  • Respond to Godís love by using oneís spiritual gifts to serve others.
  • Recognize that God gave the Ten Commandments to show us how to love Him and each other.
  • Value and participate in worship alone and with others.
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