The CIRCLE Browse Tools box will appear any time you are browsing a list of resources. This box contains options which allow you to enhance your browsing experience. Below is an example of the tool box along with an explanation of each individual option.

The keywords option links to the CIRCLE keywords list. Use the keywords list to browse through a list of words and phrases by which CIRCLE resources are categorized. For more information, view the keywords help page.
CIRCLE editors have placed each resource into one or more categories (subject or topic). The category map allows you to view the entire hierarchy of categories and quickly jump to the list of resources in any of those categories.
At times it may be helpful to view all resources in the CIRCLE database. Select this option to display a list of all (possibly filtered) resources ordered by date, starting with most recent.
CIRCLE relies on the educators who use the database to keep the database growing. Use this option to submit a resource in the current category.
A list of featured CIRCLE resources is available via Really Simple Syndication (RSS). Use this option to find out more about including an automatically updating lists of CIRCLE resources into your favorite news reader or web portals such as Google and Yahoo.
Some categories may contain several pages worth of resources. Use this option to quickly find a resource in your current category by searching the titles and abstracts of resources in that category for a word or phrase.
Filters allow you to manage the types of resources you see in the current category. In the example shown, only resources which are listed as internet/web-based and which are of Adventist origin will be shown. Read more about filters on the filters help page.

As with any of the tool boxes on the CIRCLE website, you can make more room for the main page content by collapsing the box. Use the right-pointing arrow in the top-right corner of the box to collapse the box. Many of the options can still be accessed when the box is hidden by clicking on the corresponding icon. To show the box again, click the left-facing arrow which appears in the collapsed tool box.