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  • Adventist Resource
    A Total Quality Approach to Adventist Education Tertiary-Lifelong
    "The total quality approach constantly examines the way things are done and looks for ways to improve processes and systems in order to obtain better results." Maguad explores "the possibility of integrating faith and learning in the classroom...

  • Adventist Resource
    Image and role of the business officer in the Seventh-day Adventist boarding academy of the North American Division Kindergarten-Grade 12
    The purpose of this study, broadly conceived, is to determine the functions of the business officers in the Seventh-day Adventist boarding academies of the North American Division. For the purpose of this study the “business officer” is the individual...

  • Adventist Resource
    Moneywise - A Seventh-day Adventist Treasurer Resource Site Kindergarten-Lifelong
    Adventist educational institution treasurers, new as well as seasoned financial leaders, will find sample documents on educational institution management, leadership training, church policies, budgeting, basic fund accounting, boards and board presentations,...