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  • World Resources Institute Grade 6-Lifelong
    The World Resources Institute (WRI) is an environmental think tank that goes beyond research to find practical ways to protect the earth and improve people’s lives. Topic areas include: climate, energy and transport; governance and access; markets and...

  • Chemistry For Kids Grade 1-Grade 8
    Great Chemistry website for kids, young and old. Explanations are clear enough for an elementary level child to navigate the site themselves. Well connected to interrelated areas including astonomy, geography, physics, and biology.

  • Adventist Resource
    Earth Science Labs Grade 9-Grade 10
    This comprehensive collection of earth science labs integrate faith with academic excellence. Download 110+ lab sheets for a full year's high school earth science course. An index organizes labs by chapter titles in the text Glencoe McGraw Hill's text, Earth...

  • Energy - Heat - Conduction, Convection, and Radiation Grade 5-Grade 7
    Explore these sites to learn about heat transfer and thermal insulators. Find out how molecules movement in all types of matter generates heat. Learn about conduction, convection, and radiation. Link to an eThemes resource on heat as a type of energy. Includes...

  • Energy Activities for Teachers and Students Kindergarten-Grade 12
    Download activities and teacher guides for lessons on energy topics such as: energy and machines, energy inn food, fossil fuel, solar energy, geothermal, friction, energy sources, wind energy, nuclear energy, oil and natural gas, hydropower,and electricity.

  • Energy Science Labs Grade 5-Grade 12
    Science labs for 10-18 year olds to do at home or school include: build a solar cooker, fishing game, build a better battery, design an energy efficient building, an energy playground, how long can an ice cube last?, pot-in-pot refrigerator, build a solar...

  • Adventist Resource
    Explore God's World Grade 7-Grade 8
    Previous NAD Science Textbook, Grades 7-8 (odd year), which includes chapters on the work of science, living cells, heredity, viruses, monera, protista, fungi, sponges, cnidarians, worms, mollusks, echoniderms, arthropods, sex education, sexually transmitted...

  • Adventist Resource
    NAD Science Curriculum Guide 9-12 Grade 9-Grade 12
    The NAD science curriculum guide for Grades 9-12 includes rationale, philosophy, goals, scope and sequence, and content overview for each of the major disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Physics. It is intended as a guide...

  • Science Presentations Kindergarten-Grade 12
    Download ready-to-go presentations for instruction and review games for science classes at all levels K-12, in a broad range of topics, including: survival, hibernation, animals, magnets, food chain, plants, water, butterflies, matter, weather, extinction,...

  • Sound Is Energy Grade 5-Grade 8
    Lesson about sound with projects to prove that sound is energy.

  • Texas Essential Agriculture Education Standards Tertiary-Lifelong
    A listing of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Agricultural Science and Technology Education.

  • Adventist Resource
    The Ecological Cost of What We Eat Tertiary-Lifelong
    "A case for wise choices that would help the climate as well as your waistline."