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  • Adventist Resource
    Behavioral Addictions - The Hidden Dangers Grade 9-Lifelong
    "Behavioral addictions follow a neural path similar to chemical addictions. The reward systems are so powerful that once one is trapped, it is difficult to break loose. Knowledge and awareness of how behavioral addictions work are excellent prophylactic...

  • Adventist Resource
    Breakfast Study Unit Grade 5-Grade 8
    In this project-based learning unit, students will study biblical and Spirit of Prophecy references to God's interest in our physical health. Students will research what constitutes a "good" breakfast and what the benefits of eating a good breakfast,...

  • CSPI Protecting Our Health - Nutrition Kindergarten-Lifelong
    Read about dietary guidelines, food labeling, healthy meetings, healthy public places, menu labeling, marketing to kids, restaurant kids' meals, salt, school foods, sugar drinks, trans fats and (un)healthy checkout marketing, all from the Center for Science...

  • Adventist Resource
    Discover God's Creation Grade 5-Grade 6
    Previous North American Adventist Science Textbook, used in Grades 5-6 (even year), includes in-depth study of scientific methods, geology, the human body, and electricity. Components include student text, teacher's edition, and resource book with many ideas,...

  • Food Labeling Grade 7-Lifelong
    Medline Plus links to trusted health information about nutrition or food labeling, including information about dietary fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, dietary sodium, carbohydrates, dietary proteins, vitamins, minerals, reading food labels, testing your food...

  • Food Marketing to Children and Youth - Threat or Opportunity? Grade 9-Lifelong
    Report on research, with links to fact sheets on food marketing and labeling to children and youth.

  • Christian Resource
    FoodFun Devotions for Children's Ministry Kindergarten-Grade 5
    Teach by involving the senses with these 40 activities in five types of activities: food crafts, food devotions, food games, food experiments, and even food service projects - all designed for multi-level use from kindergartners through 5th graders.

  • Adventist Resource
    From Farm to Fork - How Should Adventists View the Dark World of Factory Farms? Tertiary-Lifelong
    "If our Creator views animal welfare as a societal issue of ethics, shouldn’t humans, as His stewards, be exploring alternative industry standards that offer a better quality of life to farm animals?"

  • Adventist Resource
    Full Plate Diet Grade 9-Lifelong
    The Full Plate Diet is an exciting and intuitive, lifestyle-based weight loss program. Run by a non-profit with a big vision, our free membership provides tools that achieve your goals, including recipes, videos, a weekly newsletter and inspiring tips to keep...

  • Adventist Resource
    Health - High School Supplement SSD Grade 7-Grade 12
    Adventist teachers' handbooks for integrating faith and values: these are practical guides with a variety of approaches to teaching key values, illustrations and examples. Separate booklets are available for each subject, including: Art, Business, Computer,...

  • Adventist Resource
    Holiday Materials - October - Teacher Bulletin Volume 6 Kindergarten-Grade 8
    Activities for celebrating the following holidays and events in the month of October: Book It! Reading Incentive Program Black Poetry Day National Popcorn Popping Month

  • Adventist Resource
    Holiday Materials - September Kindergarten-Grade 8
    Activities for celebrating the following holidays and events in the month of September: Good Manners Month Ice Cream Cone Birthday National Dog Week

  • Adventist Resource
    Home Economics Methods for the Secondary Level Grade 9-Grade 12
    Ideas and teaching methods for getting secondary students interested in home economics. Ideas include teacher enthusiasm, using a variety of methods, making the classroom surroundings pleasant, and establishing guidelines and then letting students pick the...

  • International Food Information Council Preschool-Lifelong
    IFIC communicates science-based information on food safety and nutrition to health and nutrition professionals, educators, journalists, government officials and others providing information to consumers. IFIC's purpose is to bridge the gap between science...

  • Adventist Resource
    NAD Health Curriculum Guide 9-12 Grade 9-Grade 12
    The NAD curriculum guide for teaching health principles and practice to grades 9-12 includes rationale, philosophy, goals, and descriptions of major subtopics. NOTE: Rather than rely on older curriculum guides, NAD teachers should consult the NAD...

  • Newton's Apple - 300 Video Clips to Answer Science Questions Grade 6-Grade 8
    Discover the fascinating science of the world around us with over 300 video clips. Topics include: Animal and Plants, Earth and Space, Health and Medicine, Chemistry and Food, Technology and Invention and Physics and Sports.

  • Nutrition - Medline Plus Grade 7-Lifelong
    Medline Plus links to trusted health information about food, energy, and nutrient to be healthy, including sections on proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

  • Nutrition - What's in Food? Grade 7-Lifelong
    Link to trusted health information about what's in food, in sections: carbohydrates, proteins, fats & fiber, vitamins & minerals, salt & sodium, antioxidants & phytonutrients, food additives, and food composition finders (labeling).

  • Adventist Resource
    Nutrition and academic achievement - Are they related? Grade 9-Tertiary
    The food we eat provides energy needed for all the body systems to function at optimum levels. Every organ and function of the body requires adequate nutrition and energy. Body cells, including those that are part of the brain, need nutrients and energy for...

  • Nutrition by Life Stage Grade 7-Lifelong
    Trusted health information organized by life stages: infants, children, adolescents, men, women and seniors.

  • Nutrition for Seniors Grade 7-Lifelong
    Medline Plus links to trusted health information about food choices for the later years of life. Sections include overviews, related issues, health check tools, financial issues, clinical trials, journal articles, directories, law and policy, and statistics.

  • Nutrition Resources Kindergarten-Lifelong
    Link to Nutrition tip sheets compiled by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Facts about healthy meals, snacks and nutrition needs of children and adults.

  • Adventist Resource
    Pacific Union Nutrition Guidelines for Parents Kindergarten-Grade 8
    Download PUC-created Nutrition Guidelines for Parents of children attending Adventist schools (or the accompanying guidelines for school lunches) free, or order a copy on CD from the Pacific Union Conference Office of education. The members of the PUC Curriculum...

  • Recipes Source Online Grade 7-Lifelong
    This not only is a terrific site to search for specific recipes, but it has them divided by country and type of recipe. So if you want to create a French meal, here's the place to start.

  • Smart Nutrition 101 Grade 7-Lifelong
    Trusted health information about healthy eating, dietary guidelines for Americans, food guide pyramid, dietary reference intakes, and commonly asked questions.

  • Some Big Food Companies Adopt Nutrient Standards Grade 7-Lifelong
    The Smart Choices Program of food labeling is set to help consumers understand food options better. This article describe the coming standard for the USA.

  • Texas Essential Agriculture Education Standards Tertiary-Lifelong
    A listing of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Agricultural Science and Technology Education.

  • Adventist Resource
    The Adventist Advantage Tertiary-Lifelong
    Beeson talks about the Bible being a manual for the proper care and treatment of our bodies. Health study examples are given comparing Adventists and non-Adventists.

  • Christian Resource
    The Heifer Project Kindergarten-Lifelong
    The official site for The Heifer Project and the The Heifer Foundation. Heifer is dedicated to eradicating hunger and poverty by helping people learn to feed themselves. The goal of every Heifer project...

  • The Popcorn Website Kindergarten-Grade 8
    Celebrate October as popcorn popping month (or any time you want to pop up some fun and add a little learning as well). The official popcorn website has recipes, little-known historical and science facts, calorie counter, arts and crafts ideas and more. Online...

  • Adventist Resource
    The relationship of nutrition knowledge and food-related behavior among secondary students Grade 9-Grade 12
    Problem: The purpose of this study was to assess the level of nutrition knowledge, to determine how nutrition knowledge is related to food-related behavior among secondary students at a parochial day school, and to determine the effect on both of a...

  • Vegetarian Food Pyramid Preschool-Lifelong
    Mayo Clinic has a vegetarian food pyramid image that is helpful for visually presenting a meatless diet. The pyramid helps pull together the information in a format that is currently shown to students in their normal daily searches.

  • Vitamins - Kids Health Grade 5-Grade 10
    Clear, concise info for kids on vitamins and minerals, with links to additional links and resources online.

  • Why Menu Labeling? Grade 9-Lifelong
    Learn why menu labeling would allow Americans to exercise personal responsibility to make informed choices for a growing part of their diets - fast foods. Nutrition information must be on the menu to be useful. Such labeling is likely to spurt nutritional...